Supply Chain carrers @ Apple, FB, Google, or Nike?

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Looking for a job within the supply chain industry, actively applying and wanting to switch from my current role as a senior supply chain analyst.
Aug 7 9 Comments

Does anyone have a referral or know of anyone i may be able to contact for a positon at either Apple, Facebook, Nike, or Google?

If anyone has recommendations for referrals or where i should apply for a supply chain position.

thank you!!!


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TOP 9 Comments
  • Facebook Iivq74
    What kind of position? Supply chain is pretty wide area...
    Aug 7 5
    • New Job&TC
      I’m looking for more into Demand and supply planning, operations, logistics and designing products for supply chain operations. Please let me know if you have any at Facebook.
      Aug 7
    • Facebook Iivq74
      Didn't see anything on the ar/vr side of the house. I think they are working on converting contract employees to fte before opening up new roles
      Aug 7
    • New Job&TC
      If I feel something a good fit, can you be able to refer me?
      Aug 7
    • Facebook Iivq74
      DM me if you see anything
      Aug 7
    • New Job&TC
      Sent you an DM.
      Aug 7
  • SAP dTGj48
    You should add your background and experience. No one will give a referral to an unknown and or shitty candidate
    Aug 7 1
    • Nike fyjox
      true, can't think of referring Unknowns.
      Aug 14
  • New Job&TC
    I’m on the same boat. Looking for referrals.
    Aug 7 0


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