Supply chain careers

New sOrO612
Jun 4 4 Comments

Right now I'm working in a hardware supply chain start-up where I lead the team on global logistics, setting up vendors and streamlining processes. I have improved exisiting processes and worked internally with teams to make the end to end supply chain more stream lined. This is for 2 years. Most of the initiatives are my own and I have single handedly implemted them

I'm looking to move to a bigger company where I get to work on similar activities and responsibilities but I'm not sure if companies like Walmart Amazon Apple are looking for people with more experience.

Can someone help me understand their requirements?


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  • Nvidia monolith_
    Apple always is.
    Jun 4 1
    • New sOrO612
      Apart from these companies, do you know what companies will have roles related to global logistics and supply chain management in the tech field in the bay area?
      Jun 4
  • Flexport dG45d
    You should talk to us.
    Jun 4 0
  • Amazon guchiba
    Jun 4 0