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Aug 31 10 Comments

I am aged 30, working as SDE2, L62 at Microsoft Azure, Redmond with 140k USD base pay for past 2 years. Total yoe is 9 years.

Fundamentally I am a very mediocre person.
- I have not worked on any open source projects.
- I have worked only on C#/.net and not on Java.
- I am reasonable good at cracking interview rounds.
- I have worked in total 6 companies in last 9 years!
- I have struggled to meet my expectations in ALL the companies including Microsoft.
- I have not demonstrated ownership within my team yet to worthy of promotion.

Now, I have an offer from a mid-sized SaaS company that IPOed 2 years back. They are the leader in their domain. Everything about the company is good (culture, pay etc). Their base pay is almost same. But they give 220k USD as equity over 4 years. There is also a jump in designation. (compared to L63, Senior Engineer at Microsoft)

Should I take-up the new offer for the short term (4 years) equity benefit?
Stick to Microsoft and put all the efforts to gain enterprise architecture or system design skills.

Please share your views in comments as well.




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  • New kplay
    Loved this guy's honesty. Go to the new company.
    Aug 31 1
    • New dqPd85
      So refreshing to see that here
      Aug 31
  • Apple woodkid
    Get out of Azure.

    The problem in Microsoft is, if you are a below average performer and then you perform exceedingly well in one semester, you'll still lack the credibility in the manager's eyes.

    More or less, people who get promoted keep getting promoted and those who don't, get there with lots of difficulty.

    If you go all in and perform well for 1 year and become 63, to sustain at 63 you should continue the same kind of effort. It's not worth it. Also, have you seen Azure's design docs? Most of them are so badly designed that for every service that exists, there's a rearchitecture or an alternative architecture being developed. I worked in Azure networking and I know what a shit show Azure is.

    You can gain better design skills by reading books and taking ownership and delivering good services in your new startup. If it doesn't work out, you can always come back to Microsoft.
    Aug 31 2
    • Microsoft userg7
      Can you please suggest me what book I can read to improve my design skills.
      Aug 31
    • Apple woodkid
      Designing data intensive applications
      Sep 1
  • Yelp overmind
    Are you likely to get laid off at Ms? Do you like it there?
    Aug 31 1
    • Microsoft userg7
      I am not likely to get laid off. It is average learnings here, mostly internal tech.
      Sep 1
  • PwC OS/2
    Do you ever leetcode bro?
    Aug 31 1
    • Microsoft userg7
      I can manage 'medium' problems
      Sep 1
  • Teradata / Design xfs
    I think you forgot to mention your mid-long term goals, answer may change based on that
    Aug 31 0


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