Switching teams within a year @ Microsoft

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Long story short, received an offer from Microsoft as a new grad. The team is not a product team & I want to eventually move towards that direction. I am grateful for this offer & am excited to learn a lot but I also want to work on something I am really excited about down the road.

How do internal transfers work @ Microsoft? Is it weird for a new grad to transfer a year after joining? If you were in my shoes, what would you do during that first year to complete that goal?

TC - 52 Uno cards or 130K (I won't lie, I am not 100% sure how this gets calculated my b)


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  • Roku RokuRoku
    Answer: Draw 4
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  • Microsoft / Eng BBlind
    I don’t see why not. It looks like you have a good reason (your goal is to work in a team with different focus) and trying to achieve that. You are not forced to change and / or changing due to low performance.

    Whether you need to explain this in the future (for other internal transfers) is a separate thing. I have been in Microsoft for about 4 years and had already been in 3 different teams (under the same skip though) with good career progression. If I wanted to change in the future, I am pretty sure I could explain the reasons pretty easily in a way that would not hurt me, so I am not worried.

    Oct 12 2
    • Awesome, thanks. I guess I just need to bust my ass to get good reviews & hope for the best down the road.
      Oct 12
    • Microsoft / Eng BBlind
      Yes. And if it is truly your passion it is very possible. I won’t go into the details for anonymity for I can tell you that both of my changes provided this opportunity.
      Oct 12
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    • Thanks for the input, mind if I DM you for more specific questions?
      Oct 12
    • Microsoft pFmv15
      Oct 12
    • New / Eng 127.0
      Congrats. Now where?
      Oct 12
  • Verizon Media Atinlay7
    Not with that TC.
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