System design interview for mobile developers (iOS)

Aurea Software MyName007
Oct 5 2 Comments

I am preparing for a system design interview recently for **iOS Software Enginee** position, I checked a few resources that are the following:

But all of the resources/tutorials are mainly focusing on web/backend development.
**So is there any resources/courses that mainly teaches System Design on mobile platform and are mainly targeted for mobile developers ?**


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  • Facebook just_lucky
    For mobile system design: start with public backend api - client (network layer , cache + persistence layer + how to maintain consistency + patterns to maintain asynchronous nature while aiming for correctness by design, data model, view models, UI code with flexibility to reuse components). Talk more about industry standard patterns, what you prefer and why. Always think about testing async code (unit, integration ,UI ) for long term maintenance and refactoring with confidence.
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  • Snapchat drrr
    Depends on your experience, but in general, system design is typically a full stack type question. Think “design a restaurant reservation website” or Ticketmaster type question. A mobile app is just a client, but in some scenarios, a particularly important client. Brush up on the fundamentals of building software components and you’ll be fine. Ps don’t forget about traffic and typical ways to handle bursts, etc
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