T-Mobile sucks with new iPhone 11 promotion compared to Verizon, etc

Sep 16 10 Comments

Verizon has promotion up to $500 credits for trade-in includes iPhone SE, 6, 6+ for $300, etc and other phone brands.

meanwhile T-mobile only takes iPhone 7 and up. no other brands either.

whats your thought?

tc: 100k
i’m leaving tmobile next month for FAANG.


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TOP 10 Comments
  • Microsoft oftgroct
    Tmobile is the worst
    Sep 16 1
  • Airbnb lGWf08
    Good choice leaving T-Mobile for FAANG.
    Sep 16 1
  • I held onto an old depreciating iPhone 6s specifically because I thought they were going to have a good trade in option on it again.
    Sep 16 3
    • OP
      You may consider verizon then.
      Thats what im considering
      Sep 16
    • I have a huge “family plan” with like 10 people on it, so switching for a single line isn’t really an option.
      Sep 16
    • OP
      Switch a whole family haha.
      Sep 16
  • Google / Eng ElverG
    I'd pretty much have to be paid to use Verizon
    Sep 16 1


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