T-Mobile/Sprint Merger impact

New mJYY10
May 27, 2018

A forum for employees and insiders for honesty sharing what they know and feel about the proposed merger...and how it will impact both them and consumers.


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  • Sprint UyrR86
    Should be great .. Tmo will get the precious 2500 band from sprint .. that is a game changer for Volte and 5G.. but I am concerned if Tmo will retain Sprint’s engineers or not ! That’s a real concern.
    May 29, 20181
    • T-Mobile Calypsoooo
      The pre-merger promises will equate to a post-merger blood bath.
      Jun 4, 2018
  • New AUhn68
    Consumers are going to get T-Mobile’s coverage and Sprint’s customer service
    May 27, 20180

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