T-mobile vs Amazon

T-Mobile rpGj33
Jun 18 21 Comments

Honestly don’t know why Amazon is in FAANG since from what I hear they treat their employees terribly... I think most people at T-Mobile think we are the better Seattle company... wanted to see if the outside world agrees lol. Yes, we do pay less but we have better work, people, culture!



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  • Microsoft


    Moosejaw, Google
    Beware of elves
    Hahaha are you insane?
    Jun 18 0
  • Amazon Freshp
    First get the mobile reception right at least in Seattle .. then we can talk
    Jun 18 0
  • Amazon Alexa.
    Amazon is big. Every org acts as if it’s one small startup. My experience in my org is very much different to one of my friends experience in his org. We have way more team parties, lunches and dinners and have more fun in general. Yes we both have same pay structures and overall benefits but each VP or even director has their freedom to build whatever the culture they want. Calling a big company like Amazon terrible is just naive.
    Jun 18 3
    • Amazon / Eng sTOa23
      i haven't had the type of experience that often shows up on blind
      my team has great wlb, no crazy operational burden, most people leave before 6 and come in whenever. teammates and managers are kind, nobody's arrogant, chatrooms and emails are quiet after working hours
      Jun 19
    • Amazon / Eng sTOa23
      Jun 19
    • Amazon / Eng sTOa23
      the teams are fairly small, so it really depends on which manager you get and if you're in charge of a service where any downtime is critical
      although it might be superficial experience, the other managers I've met so far have been nice
      Jun 19
  • Cisco kFzr25
    Live with WiFi calling in North Carolina. It’s not T Mobile it’s terrible mobile.
    Jun 19 0
  • Amazon RuSeriou
    This is the stupidest comparison ever
    Jun 18 0
  • Google chillpil l
    Jun 18 1
  • Amazon
    🔥 'd


    🔥 'dmore
    I heard TMobile pay a lot less
    Jun 18 0
  • Boeing Airbus
    Your delusional bro
    Jun 18 0
  • T-Mobile nth
    Have seen Amazon culture and Tmobile so this shall be an objective opinion.

    Pay - Amazon > Tmobile

    WLB - Tmobile > Amazon

    Career growth - Tmobile > Amazon
    (Reason being, the hiring bar is low and rolling over the not so Amazonesque talent is eazy peezy for someone who can talk his way out or is really solid technically) if you need $$ the this doesn’t apply though

    Industry respect- Amazon >> Tmobile
    Switching companies- Amazon > Tmobile
    Dev stack - Tmobile > Amazon
    Latest and greatest stack from AWS, Azure + Kubernetes, Docker enabled infra

    All in all, you give some you get some.
    Jun 20 1
    • Google chillpil l
      How about Verizon v TMobile?
      Jun 20
  • Verizon HansBomb
    You could move to a different team in T-Mobile and hate your life.

    A big corporation has the ability to let their management choose how to operate. I agree in some ways it trickles down.

    But I’ve worked for the worst and best within the same company.
    Jun 19 0
  • Amazon meteo
    How's tmobile TC?
    Jun 18 0
  • T-Mobile OtHN46
    Being in Amazon and T-Mobile ... pay is 80 percent comparable. Technology stack is awesome in T-Mobile. WLB is great . It’s a fun place to come to office and work . Also I worked in Microsoft . So I must say T-Mobile is pretty good .
    Jul 27 0
  • Charter / Data

    Charter Data

    I loved TMobile culture pre legere. If you guys had an engineering team in Austin I would go back without a second thought.

    We need to get all the Telco peeps to update levels.fyi to look at pay.
    Jun 20 0
  • Trimble dwightBeet
    You want it to be FAT-NAG?
    Jun 20 0
  • AT&T / Sales ef4515
    T-Mobile HR and marketing at it again 😂😂😂
    Jun 19 0
  • Microsoft ISeeker
    tc or gtfo?
    Jun 18 0