TC Breakdown for 5+ YoE at 15p Company

Cisco / Eng

Cisco Eng

Palantir, Kitware, Cisco
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I've worked at three different companies: 100/1k/10k+ employees. All those firms had pretty established roles and compensation structures. One was on the East coast, and two were in Silicon Valley.

My first offer in the valley was entry level, and heavy on equity despite the company being later stage. What offer would you accept from a small (< 20 person) company that has raised Series A with an office in the SF financial district?

If I am going to relocate to the Bay Area again, I've think I've been out of the area too long to understand what TC is expected for 5+ YoE as a Software Engineer. This would be my first "senior" role.


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  • Amazon awssdm
    Salary should be enough to live on and save 15%. Take the stock grant and multiply value by 10. Enticing? Then take it
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