TC Negotiation without changing positions

Amazon gilO21
Sep 18 3 Comments

Is TC negotiable if I am promoted, switch to a new location, but remain in the same role (SDE) at Amazon, or is TC only negotiable if i switch roles or switch companies?

Is severance negotiable?

Is moving compensation negotiable?

Im looking to decide between staying at Amazon Seattle, moving to Amazon Arlington, moving to Google. Ideally I want to move back to Herndon to live with family for financial reasons and have family to help me take care. Should I transfer after promo? But Google does not have tech office in DC area, so ill be stuck with first two options. I can stay in Seattle but then I wont be able to live in my own condo


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  • Uber / Eng Hotwheelz
    You negotiate when you have leverage.

    If they want you to move really badly, you can try to negotiate TC. Otherwise you have no leverage.
    Sep 18 2
    • Amazon wsta03
      So can I just go up to my HR and say I have an offer from Google, I’m about to leave, give me better comp? Even pretending to have an offer?
      Sep 18
    • Uber / Eng Hotwheelz
      Companies have policies around that. Some companies have strict policy for no bargain current employees. But directors get discretionary equity which they can use in such a case.
      Sep 18