TC expectation for Principal Engineer, outside Bay Area

New / Eng iOSPerson
Dec 9, 2018 5 Comments

I have tentatively accepted a Principal Engineer position with Splunk and will be working at a new office outside the Bay Area. (But still USA)

I can see from Glassdoor, and others on the site base comp is about ~180k.

Does Splunk (or most tech companies for that matter) adjust downward for sites outside the Bay Area?

Will be hearing from recruiter this week and will post TC offer.


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  • Proofpoint / Eng foodtruckj
    Senior SWE TC in Bay Area is good TC for Principal SWE outside bay area.
    At Splunk Senior SWE is right before Principal SWE. Look at and and ask for a number that makes sense for you.

    Glassdoor data is old.
    Dec 9, 2018 0
  • Expedia Salute
    most companies adjust salaries. Are you currently living in the states?
    Dec 9, 2018 2
    • New / Eng iOSPerson
      Yes, living in USA. New office is western US.
      Dec 9, 2018
    • Expedia Salute
      In that case I’m really curious how on earth you arrived at “not Bay Area” as the only geographically relevant pointer for asking a salary related question :)
      Where is it? Utah? Seattle? Texas? Devil’s arsehole?
      Dec 9, 2018
  • Congrats! I compiled a list of salary ranges from, paysa, Glassdoor, computed an average for Salary + RSUs + Raise % to get an idea of what the market commands. Then took the average and settled on a “number”. Ended up happier after all said and done.
    Dec 9, 2018 0