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New / Eng Rroq56
Sep 12 7 Comments

Right now I work at a nonprofit in Minneapolis as a FE dev with a salary (and TC) of 70k (8+yoe). I have concluded that's way too low, even for this area, and there appears to be little hope for a major pay bump at my current role. I'm about to start looking for a new job and I'm considering the Bay Area as well.

It feels wrong to expect a 100% or more pay increase but it seems like that's what I should be making at this stage in my career. Does it seem reasonable to ask for $120 - $150k or more in a new role (depending on location) even though I am not currently making anything close to that?


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  • Intel / Finance LC_ups_TC
    Okay first thing first, you need to forget your current self identity which knows that u r making 70k.
    Second thing, set your bar higher than 150k. If you have 8 yrs of good experience, shoot for 200k minimum. Your brain might be shocked at these numbers but you cannot let these numbers scare you.
    Third thing, understand that companies cannot read your mind, which means you have leverage until you choose to give up your leverage. Finally location matters way more than your abilities, for example just by moving to the bay area you can increase your salary by X and just by joining Google you can increase by Y, you can join telsa and make less money compared to Google, it doesn't mean you are less of an engineer, but it means you chose a lower paying location.
    Sep 12 2
    • New / Eng Rroq56
      You're right it just seems like such a big difference from where I am now it's hard to believe I'm really worth that much
      Sep 12
    • Amazon / Eng Chad🕶
      Considering kids straight out of college with zero years of experience can make more than 2x your TC, you need to quit your loser mentality. You're worth whatever someone is willing to pay you. Prove your worth, and get paid. It's that simple
      Sep 13
  • Oracle pzd
    FYI, 200k in Bay area is much worse than 70k in MN.
    Sep 13 0
  • New jobt777
    My company offered me $80 with $20k indirect I was making $78k I told them no didn’t even negotiate they called back with $130k because they know $117k is considered low income in the Bay Area. That said, even in low COL area know your worth and never be afraid to ask worst case they say no. And for the Bay Area don’t settle for less than $270k if you have family that $24k in childcare and $43k rent hits hard
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  • Invesco / Data datajockey
    It’s not what you are worth. It is what someone is willing to pay.
    Sep 12 0
  • Uber / Eng Hotwheelz
    Don't think in terms of what % raise it is. Think in terms of current market value for the skills you are providing.

    If the right price for that in your city means a 100% jump from your current TC, then so be it.

    Now, if you move to Bay Area, do consider the higher cost of living. Worse WLB and higher expectations with that high TC.
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