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TC for 4 YOE

Undisclosed an0nym0
Nov 28

I’m finishing onsites at Uber, Facebook, and Google. Does anyone know what a good target TC would be for 4 YOE? I’m interviewing for backend positions.

I’m hoping to negotiate with multiple offers.
Current TC: 300k with paper money


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  • Google albhed
    Your current TC is strong for that yoe, potentially a bit higher.
    Nov 282
    • Undisclosed an0nym0
      Yeah, my startup’s valuation increased since I joined
      Nov 28
    • Undisclosed public2
      Ok so subtract all equity from that tc lol
      Nov 28
  • Microsoft CrashOverr
    How much of that TC is paper money? And how close to real money is it?
    Nov 282
    • Undisclosed an0nym0
      My salary is 155. How close? IPO in 2 years. Also, it’s actually 315 tc
      Nov 28
    • Undisclosed SfBaeArea
      As in your total equity package grew to 640k? But what’s the dilution on that? And do you need to stay another year or two to finish vesting? Are these RSUs or are they tax efficient ISOs?

      With all considered, your package currently might beat any on the market unless you absolutely nail a senior eng role (in which case, sure, then u can maybe find equivalent TC)
      Nov 29
  • Postmates 👋hey👋
    Depends on your interview which will decide your level. I'm thinking 250k real money at Google or FB, they won't care about your paper stocks. Uber may beat your current paper money offer.
    Nov 280
  • Cisco yya
    Would be interested in knowing too
    Nov 290

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