TC review for Austin

Qualcomm KDXm55
Sep 26 13 Comments

Offer at Austin based company:
Base: 170k
RSU: 10k per year (next 3 years)
Bonus: 15% of base
401k: yes
ESPP: yes
Total TC: ~200k

Yoe: 12
Current TC: 160k
Current Location: San Diego

Any thoughts ?


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TOP 13 Comments
  • New / Creative HasanMinaj
    Sounds good. You're saving California tax. Welcome to Mexico.
    Sep 26 0
  • Apple RQVo51
    200k in Austin is like 350k in California considering housing/taxes/family expenses. You just get longer harsher summers instead of cold sea breeze. Is weather worth that much? Depends if you want live like a beach boy or not
    Sep 26 0
  • Accenture bhav1236
    Take Austin.
    Sep 26 0
  • Google aiqqu
    Looks good but why even bother offering rsu 10k. I never understood
    Sep 26 2
    • Qualcomm KDXm55
      Agree 10k per year.. need to negotiate that !
      Sep 26
    • SolarWinds AnEngineer
      Because it's cheaper than 10k more on the base? 🤷🏼‍♂️
      Oct 1
  • NVIDIA yamd
    San diego is a much better place. You will miss SD weather everyday. I used to be in Austin. Currently in Santa Cruz. Would not advise
    Sep 26 0
  • New Dandy
    Apple in Austin?
    Sep 26 1
    • Intel rapata
      Nah! Those RSUs are not worth 10 apple stands. Most likely AMD or silab
      Sep 26
  • Google m6r4
    Honestly San Diego isn't THAT much more expensive than Austin.. and it has the best weather in the world. Austin has a bit more going on as a city IMO, but still, San Diego sounds pretty nice.
    Sep 26 0
  • Cisco depcis
    Should be cisco
    Sep 26 0
  • New nkuh56
    What type of role?
    Sep 26 0
  • Zynga parott
    Which company in Austin?
    Sep 26 0


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