TMobile acquiring Sprint

T-Mobile vHFs75
Jan 29 11 Comments

Do you think if T-Mobile will continue to grow after acquisition? What do you think will happen to jobs and stock price?


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TOP 11 Comments
  • T-Mobile tmotmo420
    I think Legere made it clear not to fire anyone.
    Jan 291
    • Sprint UyrR86
      That’s until the two networks have been integrated .. after that what will happen to the sprint engineers ? Well only time will tell :)
      Jan 29
  • Sprint dPEd1g

    Did you guys see this? Apparently we will be creating 5 customer experience centers if the merger goes through, which will each create 1000 jobs. Can we believe this?
    Jan 311
    • T-Mobile gogogo05
      Given that the majority of Sprint’s care team members are out of the country, yes totally believable
      Jan 31
  • T-Mobile gomagenta
    I think the integration will be successful and as we keep growing with Metro, Sprint and Magenta we will need all the hands we can get.
    Jan 301
    • Sprint UyrR86
      Do you guys hire engineers in H1b ??
      Jan 30
  • Sprint UyrR86
    Depends on if you guys wanna keep us or let us go!.
    Jan 290
  • Cerner pfdP78
    The only growth will be customer service jobs.
    Feb 60
  • T-Mobile tmotmo420
    Jan 300
  • T-Mobile gogogo05
    There’s so much work to be done to integrate these two companies together
    Jan 300
  • T-Mobile gogogo05
    We’re definitely going to keep growing
    Jan 300

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