Taking a job just for one year

Microsoft eUyF35
Nov 10 4 Comments

What are the cons of taking a job just for one year and then planning to switch elsewhere?

YOE:2, both at msft.


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  • Google PvJl86
    Usually doing this is fine. But some cons would be that you're not sticking to a project long enough to master the skills and domain of that project. Also a lot of companies have tons of internal tools and lots of domain knowledge to learn before you can be productive so it takes a lot of time just to ramp up. A lot of places I worked at, the average promotion time for lower levels is about two years. So you may not get promoted before leaving. Although sometimes you can jump to another company l+1, getting promoted and then switching could help in negotiations. If you jump after 1 year constantly, it could be a red flag to employers in the future.
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  • Lucidworks irIg14
    Not much of a problem in the Bay. Anywhere else may raise few flags. You'll get questions about it during interviews. But with good explanation will be no issue. Alot can be learned and accomplished in 12 months.
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  • You have to be agile but dont get tempetd to make freq changes. You will be the one on the losing side
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