Target retirement age for dev career?

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Sep 29 18 Comments

Living as a dev in a tech hub city, it seems like a software career has a rock star esque trajectory. Get paid a lot, TC goes up a lot in the first few years, then a ton of people burn out/transition to management/do consulting/switch careers/etc after a few years.

What age do other devs plan to retire at? Do most people save aggressively hoping to quit before the usual age of ~65? Or are you planning to work 40+ years? Or not thinking that far ahead yet?


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  • Google obTs71
    I need $5M to retire. With 4% rule, I will be receiving 200K a year and can live off of that. It looks like I can FIRE at 40 years old. It doesn't mean that I will stop working, it just means that I CAN stop working.
    Sep 29 10
    • Google SdrPikachu
      What do you need 200k/year for? Hookers and blow?
      Sep 29
    • Google obTs71
      Family with 3 kids and living in Seattle. It will buy you average life in here.
      Sep 29
    • Google SdrPikachu
      Do your kids go to private school or something? We must have different ideas of "average life"...
      Sep 29
    • Google obTs71
      Maybe not average, but definitely not lavish lifestyle.
      Sep 29
    • HERE / R&D HydroFlak
      Christ. 5M isn’t enough. An ok house with zero yard and jammed in with other houses is 1M+.
      Sep 29
  • Microsoft / Eng plump🎃
    Planning to have this whole thing buttoned up by 35 (7 more years). If I continue in this field it’ll be purely out of interest/boredom.
    Sep 29 4
    • Amazon / Eng OlAl28
      Same. Then I'll likely start an engineering firm at that point just because I do genuinely enjoy software engineering. Just not at these big tech companies.
      Sep 29
    • That's really amazing. Can i ask your retirement plan? do you have a side thing or is it purely savings to support you for 50 years?
      Sep 29
    • Google / Eng d3j88wq
      How much do you plan to have saved by then?
      Sep 29
    • Microsoft / Eng plump🎃
      I’m projected to have between 1.5 and 2M net worth by then. I’m not sold counting on 4 - 7% capital growth is a winning strategy, so the key part of my plan is to get additional income outside my day job and move back to the southeast.

      Currently I have 3 properties in that area: two properties I bought cash for ~150k each and my old primary residence that I financed (100k left on a 250k mortgage). After paying the management company, taxes, and stashing away cash for repairs, I net ~2.5k/month.

      Additionally, my family owns a small business that isn’t in danger of being redundant any time soon. My siblings and I have helped out with the work since we were teens and are actively trying to automate as much as possible as my dad takes more time for himself (he’s getting old 😞). We’re trying to figure out how we to structure everything, but i imagine I’ll get some money from this. It’s still a work in progress.

      I’m targeting 90k/yr passive income. My SO and I currently spend <60k/yr. Kids aren’t planned, but not counted out.
      Sep 29
  • Google The Old Nite
    I want to retire as early as possible, but I think the math works out around 50 for me.
    Sep 29 1
    • Uber
      TC || 👉


      TC || 👉more
      That gives me hope. Maybe Uber stock will recover by the time I’m 50! 🤠
      Sep 29


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