Tax advice De gea
Apr 3 3 Comments

I'm currently on F1 OPT in bay area. I have coinbase losses in csv format. What is the best way to file tax returns? Is sprint tax good enough for these cases or do I need to go to an accountant. Tia.


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  • Amazon sspsdft
    Realized or unrealized? If latter, you don’t need to do anything
    Apr 3 1
    • Sizmek Ba74!-?-
      Does coinbase report unrealized gains?
      Apr 3
  • TripAdvisor wLyI37
    If you are not a resident (under 6 years as F1), most online services don’t support filing for non residents. The minority that do file for you, they likely don’t support 1099 forms. So, best bet is probably going thru a CPA.
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