Tax in Seattle/Washington

Visa sassax
Oct 20 9 Comments

How much is gone in tax for 140k base salary, and 50k cash bonus, in Washington state.


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  • Facebook bambujam
    No state tax. Look at your paycheck, ignore the state tax, and there you are.
    Oct 20 0
  • New / Eng _95
    Oct 20 2
    • Qualcomm lo_ol
      This site doesn't take into account filling status and dependents.
      Oct 20
    • New / Eng _95
      Yes, he just asked what are taxes for said income, this gives him a rough estimate.
      Oct 20
  • Microsoft / Eng RikSanchez
    All of it
    Oct 20 0
  • Cisco / Eng 7-11
    Get a Silicon Valley salary here and you’ll be set for life
    Oct 20 0
  • Intel LEtestar
    No income tax in WA, but you do have sales tax and it is higher in the SEATAC area.
    Oct 20 2
    • Microsoft
      Tier 1


      #1 in Prestige
      Tier 1more
      There is an illegal unconstitutional income t*x in WA, although it’s sold as “insurance”
      Oct 20
    • Symantec slanty
      What that mean?
      Oct 21


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