Tax on capital gain on the RSU

Facebook aKHq74
Jan 10

( hypothetic question to understand the tax implication of RSUs ) Suppose I receive 20 RSU in Jan with a price of $100. After taxing, I receive 12 RSU. Then I hold on to them after one year then sell them. The price then would be $120. Do I pay tax on the capital gain of the 12 RSU ( which is $20 x 12) or on the whole 20 RSUs? Thx


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  • Fitbit Wished
    U pay income tax for the 20 RSU at $100. U then pay long term capital gains tax for the $20 x 12 gain
    Jan 100
  • Homeaway ppMg64
    You were awarded 20 RSUs. Let’s say they vest and you get 15 RSUs after paying for tax by selling the 5 stocks. At the time of vesting, the stock price was 100 bucks. So far you don’t owe any tax.

    Now you decide to sell these 15 stocks. The price at the time of selling is 120 bucks. The capital gains here is 15 * 20 bucks since you already paid taxes by selling 5 stock when they vested.

    So you need to pay tax on 300 bucks which is over and above the tax you have already paid. If you decide to sell your stocks within an year of vesting, it’s considered short term gains and are taxed at 30%. Which will be 300 * .3 or 90 bucks.

    If you sold these stocks after an year of vesting, these are considered as long term gains so you would be taxed at 15% or 300 * .15 or 45 bucks.
    Jan 106
    • Homeaway ppMg64
      What is wrong here? Your base rate is 100 bucks at time of vesting, you already paid tax by selling stock on the base rate. The stock appreciated to 120, you cap gains will only be 20 bucks. If it will be on 120, you are being taxed twice.
      Jan 10
    • Uber / Enghotboi
      048jfo you are incorrect regarding short term capital gain taxes. Get your shit together
      Jan 11
    • Facebook Copacabana
      Jan 11
    • Uber / Enghotboi
      Jan 11
    • Homeaway ppMg64
      Yeah. I stand corrected as well
      Jan 11
    • Homeaway ppMg64
      And BtW, I don’t wanna be your co-worker as well Twitter. Already did the mistake of buying the shitty stock and it just languishes. No intention of working there
      Jan 11
  • NEXON M Rootini
    You only pay tax on the gains from the new basis established when you receive those 12 RSU. Meaning you’re only taxed on: 12 RSU * $20 price appreciation * cap gains rate
    Jan 100
  • Square


    Facebook, Google
    Capital gains on $20 for each
    Jan 102
    • Facebook aKHq74
      For each of the 12 or each of the 20? ( technically since I have to return 8 to cover my tax at the vesting, I would not be owning the whole 20).
      Jan 10
    • Facebook / Eng>>
      Each of the 12
      Jan 10
  • New DvVM00
    12 obviously. however this is an idiot question. never hold RSUs. you paid the tax, sell them all.

    if you really want to own the stock, buy it again using your brokerage account.
    Jan 111
  • Microsoft SunRsrsHyd
    That’s why it is better to sell RSUs as they vest
    Jan 110
  • Expedia / Eng


    RSU awards are again source of income. So you pay tax when RSUs get vested. Usually, tax is deducted at source.
    Then, when you sell them, you pay tax on capital gains. And this tax will be on the actual profit you make by selling the RSUs.
    Country may have different rules on long term capital gains though.
    Say, you are sellling after holding for n years
    Jan 100
  • Google eXNB63
    After 1 year, fb will probably be 50 😂
    Jan 100
  • LinkedIn faxman
    Capital gains on 12 RSUs only, which is whatever you are left with after taxes at vesting time.
    Jan 100

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