Teams to join in Google Cloud Analytics/AI/Storage

VMware / Eng andor
Jan 13 7 Comments

Hello everyone,

I've cleared interviews at Google and I am looking for any info/help that can make team matching more easier.

What are some good teams that are growing strongly in the Google Cloud Analytics/AI/Storage services space. Also, will appreciate any info about how things are at these orgs.

Here are some of the services that I could find on the GCP website -
Analtytics - BigQuery, DataProc, Stream Analytics
AI - AutoML, ML Engine, BigQuery ML
Storage - BigTable, Spanner, DataStore, FireStore

Any other interesting ones that I am missing?

Thanks in advance.

L4, TC not yet known


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  • Google Overwhelmd
    Good luck, friend. I'm internal to GCP and transferring teams soon. I'll keep an eye on this to watch your progression.

    I'll share whatever deets I can without identifying myself.
    Jan 13 3
    • VMware / Eng andor
      Thanks. Yep, do share any info when you can.
      Jan 13
    • Google Overwhelmd
      I'm specifically in the analytics/data space and (hopefully) transferring from a CE to something more hands on and technical to match my background.
      Jan 13
    • MathWorks cJ8oNw
      How are SRE teams in GCP? More specifically, storage?
      Mar 1
  • New NSpi43
    Anything but goog cloud
    Jan 14 2
    • VMware / Eng andor
      Any reason why?
      Jan 14
    • full of shitty legacy company employees from oracle, cisco, microsoft, as they try and ramp up to compete. Complete wasteland of talent and culture. Good offer to use for negotiation though
      Jan 14


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