Teams vs Slack

Netflix KQCO05
Jun 25 11 Comments

Anyone using Teams over Slack? Want to understand if investing in WORK is worth it. Looks too over priced in any case.


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  • New QBCL07
    We tried using teams. It was horrible. We paid extra to get slack. Very happy with Slack. It was worth every cent.
    Jun 25 5
    • Netflix KQCO05
      Lol...good to know :)
      Jun 25
    • LinkedIn endamame
      Pros and cons of both?
      Jun 25
    • Microsoft kleenexer
      Found the slack employee
      Jun 25
    • New QBCL07
      I wish. I would have been a millionaire. In case someone is willing to give a referral, I am open. 9 YOE in backend and infrastructure. 😀
      Jun 25
    • New QBCL07
      Significant differences in usability. Starting threads, creating groups much easier in Slack. One always missed notifications in Teams, so good bye realtime communications. Might as well switch to email threads.
      Jun 25
  • Thomson Reuters passion8
    A lot of folks in our group used slack and when it was time to buy the license we were asked which one people preferred. We had O 365 and that meant Teams was free of additional cost and Slack meant more money. We did a trial and people still liked Dlack but the management decided to screw what everyone thought and told us there werent going to be any licensed tor slack. So we didnt have a choice, but over a period of about a year, people who hated Teams had stories to tell about how great Teams was. I personally like Teams and find it very useful and it's been getting better with time. We did have promlems with meetings and video recordings initially but it has been a while I found those problems return.
    Jun 25 2
    • Netflix KQCO05
      Hmm...thanks for the input
      Jun 25
    • Microsoft / Sales

      Microsoft Sales

      Connection, Allstate Financial Services, LLC
      Your example is exactly what's happening, and users love slack, management hates paying for something when there is an alternative already avaialble, after being forced to use it, people end up liking it. Microsoft is most slacks users dad's software... so there is a natural resistance to anything MS does... but there's a reason MS is still on top. Sometimes "just enough" pays the bills.
      Jul 20
  • HERE aehauhe7
    Slack. Teams is horrible.
    Jul 1 0
  • Oracle OCIwork
    Slack all the way. It’s way easier to use. It has changed our communication and improved it.
    Jun 27 0


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