Tech Lead Manager at Google

Airbnb sjks52
Oct 27 5 Comments

Saw some folks put this TLM title on their LinkedIn profile. How does this map to general levels? L6? L5?


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  • Google TheCoaster
    L4 can be TLM as well in rare cases.
    Oct 27 1
    • Google zewq
      Oct 27
  • Fast Enterprises / Eng nskcjx4
    Depends how many subs your YouTube channel has
    Oct 27 0
  • Apple OfferIntrv
    L5s “can” become TLM at Google but mostly it is for L6. Infact some orgs have a policy that you need to be atleast L6 to be a manager.
    Oct 27 0
  • Google aiuy
    Can be L5-8.
    Oct 27 0


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