Technical Account Manager Salary

SAP RoiT25
Jun 16 4 Comments

What should be the expected salary, TC and equity for a TAM role at Google.
Experience : 3yrs
Education: BS , MS

I am getting a wide range of numbers on Glassdoor.
Also can any googler inform what ladder does TAM role fall under at Google?


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Amazon Northerner
    Try - their data is more recent.
    Jun 16 0
  • Google DWaU03
    Which team ? A few teams have TAMs... Usually O ladder. I.e. SWE than can talk to real human being
    Jun 16 2
    • SAP RoiT25
      Google cloud
      Jun 17
    • Northrop Grumman HowCouldYu
      Did you get an offer?
      Jul 18