Technical Program Manager at linkedin

LinkedIn sunflower3
Feb 19 4 Comments

Considering a senior program manager role at Linkedin. What are some good groups/teams to consider?

What’s the difference in responsibility between a staff and senior Tpm?

In some orgs, for example LLS, program management reports into engineering. Does that slowdown growth of a program manager?

What does a senior/staff program manager get paid at linkedin? Do you get stock grants/pay adjustments as part of the transition?


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Microsoft / Product MrHyde🎃🎃
    You're already at LinkedIn and don't know the answers... How is anyone else supposed to know??

    Feb 19 3
    • LinkedIn sunflower3
      Being at LinkedIn doesn’t mean that I am TPM at linkedin currently.
      Feb 19
    • Palantir SurlyJ0E
      It seems like the OP is trying to solicit (honest) responses anonymously from current LinkedIn employees that use Blind.
      Feb 19
    • Microsoft / Product MrHyde🎃🎃
      OP - point is, you should have the discussion internally with actual TPMs
      Feb 19


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