Tesla - Safe to join?

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May 19 14 Comments

With the amount of cost cutting at tesla, is it still advisable to join tesla engineering org? Is the mission still worth joining for?


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  • Tesla / Manufacturing sgzP07
    Depends on how much you're willing to sacrifice for the mission. You'll be working 60 hrs/week, for about 60% of the TC of a FAANG job, while always wondering if you'll be laid off next week.
    May 19 1
  • Tesla tesla orug
    Don’t waste your time here. Join FAANG
    May 20 0
  • Facebook ⭕w⭕
    Is it worth 60-80 hour work weeks with less than FANG comp?
    May 19 1
  • Tesla ElonB
    Yikes. Don't do it
    May 21 0
  • Palo Alto Networks noones
    Follow your gut
    May 19 0
  • Microsoft Teslanos
    No. Watch the Theranos documentary. The con is up for Musk.
    May 20 0
  • Glu Mobile PQSK63
    It's a gamble, join now at low stock and wait for it to double/triple in time for all RSU to vest or reduce to 50-60% current price.

    Worst time to join is when stock is at all time high.
    May 19 0
  • Nvidia dynosight
    Elon is a stable genius, but remember he's not in it to be profitable
    May 19 0
  • Tesla shdjsjsj
    Tesla you could say broadly has two types of software engineering roles. One is vehicle software and the other is everything else which includes software to support manufacturing crm etc.

    Folks in vehicle software are in general paid well and in a broad sense is less than fang by maybe 10-15%. Don’t agree with the guy above who said 60% of fang. Not true at all for vehicle software. Autopilot specifically pays really well and even more than fang in many cases if you’re really good.

    As for the question as to whether or not to join, it depends highly on the team. The company is really volatile and you’ll be in for a roller coaster. It will not be a stable job and you won’t have the perks of a Facebook or google. But if you pick the right team it can be satisfying.
    May 19 0
  • Tesla uydhtyolx
    What's the dept and TC u were offered ?
    May 19 0
  • New


    Tesla Motors
    Following the mission: Go and work for Rivan or someone else.
    You have something else: Don't know.

    Absolutely it's 50 hr week
    May 19 0
  • Apple FrydChickn
    What are the pros in taking up this new opportunity?
    May 19 0


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