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May 6 16 Comments

It's going to be so nice next year when we can just tell our Tesla robotaxis to go pick up our family or friends at the airport! Or call our own cars to pick us up from our home garages.

Just kidding. We all know that's ridiculous. What's amazing is how many people DO think this will happen by the end of next year!


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TOP 16 Comments
  • BluVector sparked
    Who is legitimately peddling the idea that this will happen by the end of next year?
    May 6 6
  • Honeywell that1guy
    Forget the timeline, I’m still stuck on the practicality of it

    I spend $80,000 on my Tesla. Then I decide to put extra miles on it while letting strangers do who knows what inside of it all for what, $50 a day?
    May 6 1
    • Tesla lesscode
      That’s why there’s the $35k model 3. If you can afford a $80k car, you wouldn’t care for $50/day
      May 6
  • Apple hakunanaMa
    Might not be 2020, not 2021 or even 2024. But the first company to do it will be tsla. Mark my words
    May 6 1
    • Google coolguy00
      don't drink too much koolaid, your stomach will hurt.
      May 6
  • Facebook public2
    Have you watched it? What's not to believe. Might be 2021 instead?
    May 6 0
  • Slack / Eng

    Slack Eng

    Looking women Chinese speakers for lunch in SF
    I watched the 2 hour video and examined the self driving demo frame by frame. I have some deep learning background. Based on that, the plan seems robust to me.
    May 6 0
  • Google coolguy00
    May 6 0
  • Apple bDpc64
    Elon will change the world for sure. Just wait and watch
    May 10 0
  • Twitch / Eng

    Twitch Eng

    I'm black as the night
    I buy it.
    May 6 0