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Jul 19 12 Comments

Will be graduating next year and am starting to look at companies im interested in. While looking through the tesla jobs I noticed I fit the backend teams of ai tooling and autopilot software engineer pretty well. They seem to want people with experience with AWS which I have spent this whole summer working with (my internship project was pretty much using a ton of aws services).

Have heard some teams are overworked like crazy so was wondering how these teams are and if they're hiring new grads. Everybody says stay away from tesla but they said same thing about Amazon which turned out to be awesome 🦔


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  • Cruise Automation bhWc45
    Go if you like the mission and are ready to work 60hours a week for an egomaniac with a TC below average.
    You decide what's important for you.

    I have way too many friends that joined Tesla and believe they are "saving the planet". The reality is that they are adding pollution by producing unneeded Toya for the rich.

    The level of brainwashing over there is amazing.
    Jul 19 3
    • Tesla dhfhsjs
      That’s the problem with people like you. You meet a couple of people and assume the whole company is that. We all know very well that we’re not saving the planet but we do very well know that we’re making a difference in transitioning to sustainable energy.

      What you call these unneeded toys are pushing the world to move to sustainable transport and making it sexy at the same time. Is making these cars messy. Definitely yes. But sooner or later the entire grid is going to be converted to sustainable energy. When that happens you need vehicles that can tap into that. That’s not going happen to with internal combustion engine cars. You need ev’s and batteries for that. Guess who’s producing almost 1/4th of the batteries in the world.

      It’s like if I meet a couple of bros at Cruise and generalize the whole company as bros.
      Jul 20
    • Apple TimCuckold
      Teslaq so much? How drugs are you on saying Tesla creating more pollution? The Tesla haters i see is either gear head or envious sour losers.
      Jul 21
    • Apple TimCuckold
      Also cruise is such bs can only work on geo fencing road.
      Jul 21
  • Tesla fnri92
    I worked at Tesla, wathever you do dont join any warp team, unless you are from a certain country. I dont know autopilot but wathever they do must be better than warp. Also be ready to have 0 security in your job. If I were you Ill try to stay away because there is a high chance you wont last more than a year. And as a college grad with a weak CV you either are going to have a firing in within a year or a ship jump, no way it this is good for you. In. case you do get in ask for 110k at least
    Jul 24 0
  • Tesla pogger
    Kiss your life goodbye if you go to auto pilot team.
    Jul 20 0
  • Tesla ElonB
    Elon does my backend everyday
    Jul 20 0
  • Cadence / R&D CeraVe
    Maybe they are unable to join blind ..
    Jul 19 0
  • Tesla tslatsla
    As a new grad I was pulling 80 hour weeks. During the layoffs we laid off all the other new grads in my org but kept me. If you enjoy meetings from 9pm to 12am and 0 job security come :)
    Jul 21 2
    • Apple TimCuckold
      That’s how you become something.
      Jul 21
    • Tesla tslatsla
      It did help me get t 350k tc
      Jul 21
  • Oracle fng7
    I interviewed at their Fremont office a couple years back. I live close by and found it strange they only wanted me to do video interviews w the team.

    After passing 2 video interviews with hiring manager and his lead, I insisted on being brought on campus for the last interview and to meet everyone.

    Wow. Ppl were basically stacked and held together by rows of ikea furniture. Really strange since Tesla promotes itself as the new sexy cool.

    Since I insisted on coming in, I was basically reinterviewed by the same two Ppl again. Double jeopardy. For whatever reason they decided they didn't like me the second time around.

    And while I was there there was definitely a lot of Elon is God fanboism.
    Jul 20 0


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