Tesla cost of ownership

Apple aqsw
Feb 7 7 Comments

Folks who have owned Tesla for 4+yrs/50k+ miles

What has been your experience with maintenance and repair cost after the factory warranty expires

Thinking of buying curious to know.


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  • Apple parking
    Biggest benefit is not needing to wait in line at costco for gas. So far it’s been easy to get EV charging at my building almost every day. The only repair has been changing my tires and topping windshield and steering fluids. It’s almost no maintenance
    Feb 7 3
    • Apple aqsw
      There was an article yesterday that folks waste 30-45 mins in Costco gas line to save $3, most of these Bay area folks earn $150k+ and can better use their time.

      Its just herd mentality I guess
      Feb 7
    • New


      Why go on a weekend to fill gas?
      Feb 7
    • Microsoft / Eng gjwjzh
      Wtf I have never once in my life waited to fill up gas
      Feb 7
  • Facebook HolidayCat
    $350 total maintenance over 3 years for a smashed window.
    Feb 7 0
  • Zillow Group NDwB78
    1 year 28k miles and so far $70 on three tire rotations and $5 on windshield wiper fluid.
    Feb 7 0
  • LinkedIn bored🐷
    I’ve only had it for 2 years at 30K miles. No maintenance so far.

    LinkedIn doesn’t have enough charging stations. But since I changed company I can get a full charge everyday at work. Saves money and a lot of time.
    Feb 7 0