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Facebook UHvC04
Feb 8 12 Comments

Hey! I occasionally browse the careers section on Tesla’s site from time to time, but never seem to see openings for lower to mid-level management. What gives?

Does Tesla prefer to promote from the IC-side of the house, or are managers just so few in number that, once they get in, you have to wait awhile before someone leaves?

Related to that, is management there considered a promotion, or is it a lateral move from IC roles like here at FB?


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    • Facebook UHvC04
      TBH, it’s the only company I find an attractive “next career” if I did ever decide to leave. I respect Tesla, Musk, and the mission. I’m also a customer. :)
      Feb 8
    • Akamai Technologies / Cust. Srv. ✅✅✅
      I respect him too.. factor in wlb and tc as well.
      Feb 8
    • Tesla / Mgmt

      Tesla Mgmt

      Tesla Motors
      Depending on what you do wlb and compensation both can be good. Wlb will never be 8 his a day but 9 10 hours a day and no work on weekends is definitely normal in most engineering teams.
      Feb 9
  • Tesla HQkV78
    Stay away from tesla! A word is enough for the wise... we are in serious cost cutting mode at the moment and you will be burnt out and not appreciated for your contributions. We don’t have any perks, pay sucks, stock is going down.. it’s like the titanic tbh
    Feb 9 0
  • Microsoft FBisEvil
    Also factor in that musk uses Tesla as his personal piggy bank to bailout his other investments
    Feb 8 3
    • Facebook UHvC04
      Yes, this does worry me.
      Feb 8
    • Tesla wwwtc
      Ahh yes, cause we are flush with capital to do that. 😑
      Feb 9
    • Tesla VLeV46
      Of all the things I worry about this really isn't one of them.
      Feb 9
  • Tesla eng56
    P1 Associate --
    P2 --
    P3 Sr. -- M1 Associate Manager
    P4 Staff -- M2 Manager
    P5 Sr. Staff -- M3 Sr. Manager
    P6 Principal -- M4 Director

    They move a lot of engineers laterally to M1 I've seen.
    Feb 9 1
    • Tesla HEDl17
      M1 is actually supervisor which is equivalent to P2 and S5.
      Feb 9
  • Tesla wwwtc
    It's a mix of both, internal IC promotions and elimination of lower level management especially with restructurings we've had over the past year.

    We tend to externally recruit mostly senior management.
    Feb 9 1
    • Tesla VLeV46
      Agreed this is the common scenario here.
      Feb 9


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