Tesla onsite software engineer

Cisco damiitt
Aug 2 12 Comments

Have an onsite this week. Any pointers on what to expect?

Also, any views on wlb, career growth etc?


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Lending Club coding123
    Had 6 rounds
    All LC hard problems
    System design
    Project demo/presentation
    Aug 2 2
    • Tesla sighsowk
      All 6 LC hard at Tesla. No way. What team?
      Aug 2
    • Cerner serchnggg
      This is hard to believe
      Aug 2
  • Tesla elontuskk
    Aug 2 3
    • Cisco damiitt
      Aug 2
    • Tesla elontuskk
      There’s no such team at Tesla
      Aug 2
    • Tesla lolpanther
      There is such a team on the dark side
      Aug 13
  • Tesla / Eng yNcH04
    Wlb is horrible, you'll be leaving that at the door if you accept the offer. Career growth depends on how good you're at burning yourself and politics. Dm me if you want to hear more.
    Aug 2 1
    • LinkedIn method
      We want to hear more
      Aug 2
  • Tesla aFPj26
    Do it if you need to get to the bay.
    Aug 2 0
  • Tesla sighsowk
    What team?
    Aug 2 0
  • Tesla pogger
    Lol rip
    Aug 2 0


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