Tesla vs Prius

Google KJOW33
Sep 6 16 Comments

Can I afford a Model 3 LR or should I just get a Prius Prime? No home charging and this will be primary car.

NW 900
TC 300


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TOP 16 Comments
  • Uber #muga
    No home charging = definitely do not get an electric only vehicle
    Sep 6 0
  • Amazon / Eng SmkWdEvyDy
    Do you want to be seen in a Prius?
    Sep 6 0
  • Uber / Eng rqDs70
    Tesla if you want to change your car next year again, Prius otherwise
    Sep 6 4
    • Roku cruella
      Sep 6
    • Uber / Eng rqDs70
      I had so many issues with my Tesla. Never again
      Sep 7
    • Roku cruella
      Weird. I thought they have all sorts of protection and warranties on those things that exceed other manufacturers.

      I could be wrong.
      Sep 7
    • Uber / Eng rqDs70
      Guarantee doesn't help you much when you constantly need to bring your Tesla to be fixed. It's just super annoying, when I buy a new car I don't expect to have a problem every other month
      Sep 7
  • Broadcom Ltd. ali_mama
    TC 300 and can't afford a model 3 LR? Seriously?
    Sep 6 1
    • LinkedIn sl1988
      If you are living in the bay area and with kids, that 300k is not a lot. Daycare for 2 kids are like 3k+ and rent or mortgage is way more
      Sep 7
  • LinkedIn agenam
    Take Model 3 test drive. Try the ramp to ramp navigate on auto-pilot. Think about what that would mean for your commute or long drives.

    Btw - I’ve owned a Model 3 for a year and no charging at home. Our companies provide free charging at work. Plus Tesla superchargers everywhere for the odd weekend when you need to charge. Based on a few referrals, I’ve got free supercharging for at least a few years. Definitely use someone’s referral code when buying.
    Sep 7 0
  • Samsung statarb
    The Tesla is a fun ride. You can supercharge once a week if you drive under 250 mi/ week. If you are frugal and wish to be inconspicuous go with the Prius. You can’t go wrong with either car.
    Sep 6 0
  • Samsung


    Stressed out but surviving
    Model 3 is hands down the better car but only if you have charging at home or at work
    Sep 7 0
  • Oracle vrubiditur
    Try the taycan
    Sep 6 0
  • Lockheed Martin / R&D Schz3
    There are many other electric options now , and even a few with 200+ miles range apart from the model 3.

    Sep 6 0
  • Tesla lambdaq
    Don’t guy if you don’t have a charger at home.
    Sep 12 0
  • MeridianLink / Product XVrn30
    Yeah I'm deciding between a Porsche or a Corolla myself.
    Sep 9 0


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