The Secret and Frustrating Life of a Google Contract Worker

NVIDIA mex_w
Nov 7 11 Comments

More than half of Google's workers are temporary, vendor or contract staff, known as TVCs. This shadow workforce misses out on many of the famous benefits and perks that have burnished the internet giant’s reputation as one of the world’s best places to work. Last year, a group of TVCs called for better benefits and in September, TVCs working as data analysts in Pittsburgh voted to unionize, a rarity for the tech industry.

STOP COMPLAINING and goto college .


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  • Amazon badonka
    Hahahahahaahaha “Go to college” yeah, you gonna pay for that?
    Nov 7 1
    • New DNrB71
      Ur mom goes to college
      Nov 7
  • Oracle mci
    🖕for you op
    Nov 7 0
  • Facebook ⭕️v⭕️
    Found the contractor guys
    Nov 7 0
  • Facebook ⭕️v⭕️
    Dude it’s called supply and demand. U don’t need an education to clean the bathrooms or work security. Fuck these crybaby losers who want everything handed to them.
    Nov 7 2
    • Google ODaK24
      Designers and researchers are also hired as tvc?
      Nov 7
    • Google ODaK24
      Ya idiot
      Nov 7
  • I’m a contractor at Google and we are treated very well. Of course there’s always a stigma being a contractor but Google makes the best of it for us.
    Nov 11 0
  • Microsoft / Data _john_doe
    Dude I am a contractor working on top 3 teams leading every design decision. And making more than your sorry ass. Not all contractors are security (not that it makes it fair to have shitty benefits for them but) there are contractors with PhDs in CS, ML and has crazy experience. We just don't wanna work more than 8 hours a day.
    Nov 8 0
  • Microsoft FlyingOwe
    I figure this happen in every tech company.
    Nov 8 0


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