The benefits aren’t just academic. kids raised by authoritative parents reported better health and higher self-esteem

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  • Microsoft veduiam

    "The most effective parents, according to the authors, are “authoritative.” They use reasoning to persuade kids to do things that are good for them. Instead of strict obedience, they emphasize adaptability, problem-solving and independence — skills that will help their offspring in future workplaces that we can’t even imagine yet."

    Like duh?
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    • Expedia sup!
      That’s the opposite of helicopter parenting tho
      Feb 8
  • Amazon hdg35
    I don't really agree with this definition of helicopter parenting
    Feb 8 0
  • Qualtrics old af
    But plenty of other downsides
    Feb 8 3
    • Microsoft BcrX06
      Such as?
      Feb 8
    • New dluz61
      It makes for neurotic, conformist adults with low resilience in the face of failure.
      Feb 8
    • Microsoft Ogxlyzlyz
      ^this. I went to grad school later in life next to younger people that likely had helicopter parents. It was very clear that their ability to deal with failure did not exist. Further, even in their mid to late twenties many still reached back for financial support to fund party vacations. Maybe I'm just an old prickly fuck, but I would much prefer my kids to have some grit. Maybe I'm also not recognizing that this is the exact thing that stratifies the wealthy caste from the non wealthy and I'm therefore holding back my kids.
      Feb 8
  • Oath / Eng xxxcd
    tl;dr, authoritative over authoritarian

    No surprises there. That pretty much aligns with every parenting book I’ve read.
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  • Apple 🗣ur🧠
    Kind of a clickbait headline. But of course it’s true. Parenting isn’t easy.
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  • Microsoft nodaddy
    The wording is very misleading. It makes people think about being authoritarian.
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  • Microsoft BcrX06
    Looks like converting to Mormonism was a good idea afterall.
    Feb 8 0
  • Microsoft
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    Like pretty much everything in social science, it’s a spectrum, and the optimal point is somewhere in the middle
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