The better way apply to Amazon?

Delivery Hero caramba
Feb 7 3 Comments

I was planning to apply to Amazon Canada at the end of March(preparing for the interview process right now), but today I discovered that Amazon going to make a hiring event not too far from me(in Europe) in the middle of March, exactly for hiring to Canada.
Does it make sense for me participate in the hiring event, although it will shorter my test interview preparation period?

Is there actually a difference?


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  • Amazon Cxt
    In terms of the actual interview process there is no change. You still need to pass the screening interview to be invited (phone interview or coding test in a platform) and you still get the same ammount of in person interviews.

    However, I believe you get more chances for your CV to be noticed for a hiring event, where they want to invite around 100 people, so they look at 400 cv, instead on a one off interview.

    The other difference is that usually you get more experienced interviewers in an event versus the one off.

    If you want to increase your chances for them to look your cv and give you a chance, the hiring event is better. If you have an inside friend that help push your cv on the top of the pile, then the process will be the same
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    • Delivery Hero caramba
      Thanks, I actually have a friend, “pushing” my CV won’t be a problem, then I guess it’s be better not to rush and apply when I feel confident.
      Feb 7
  • CA Technologies e2be2r
    I’d suggest to appear in March only if you think you are ready and can pull off. Otherwise better to wait and interview after you are sufficiently prepared.
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