Therapist recommendations - Asap Please!

Intel FUIntel
May 13 17 Comments

I’m 26, Indian female. I need to see a therapist/psychiatrist/counselor ASAP. I need the therapist to be Indian so our culture and background is more relatable to them.

I have the Intel’s HDPD plan with connected care.

I’m reaching a nervous breakdown and I really need to seek some help. Thank you.


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  • Salesforce ReleRank
    If you have suicidal thoughts, dial 1-800-273-8255.
    May 134
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    • Arthrex QeWE06
      @KoUq26 don't pass wrong information. If she has suicidal thoughts she needs to get help ASAP, even calling 911 will not affect your career or anything. According to HIPAA rule noone can have access to your records. Mental health is same as physical health and needs to be taken seriously.
      May 13
    • Amazon KoUq26
      You said it yourself, “according to HIPAA rule” which is just a piece of regulation that providers follow to the extent that all they will get is a slap on the wrist for ‘accidentally’ not complying. These medical institutions store info in plaintext and will fork over info so as long as they get info that apparently the incompetent workers think only you know, like your date of birth and social security.

      Believe me, I thought just like you did that the institutions care about consumer trust and have the proper privacy practices they follow until I got burned by snooping parents and incompetent workers just giving it away. Nobody cares about your privacy as much as you do and insurance companies do all kinds of shady stuff.

      This is not to say mental health shouldn’t be taken care of. I’d absolutely recommend OP go to therapy, but I think it’s definitely worth paying cash for it instead of using insurance in any way.
      May 13
    • Intel FUIntel
      Thank you! I was not having extreme suicidal thoughts which I felt i would act on.. just that I just wouldn’t mind dying right this very second and that people around me would find it helpful if I was gone. Some part of me is aware that my own brain is a big bully to me.. but at times, it is extremely difficult to not spiral down into my negative dungeon.
      May 13
  • Google / EngBergey Sin
    A good place to call is your Employee Assistance Program. Usually they have a list of counselors they can refer you to. Your first few consultations are usually free.
    May 130
  • Intel babubhatt
    Call your primary care provider or the intel health for life center and ask for a referral. If they don’t know an Indian therapist, start with who they recommend - and at first therapy appt, ask that Dr for a referral to an Indian Dr.

    I’m sorry you’re feeling so badly. Intel can be a stressful place. DM if you need help.
    May 130
  • Intel FUIntel
    Thank you all! I got an appointment for not this but next Tuesday. I know its not as soon as i needed.. but i think i can power through. I don’t have active suicidal thoughts, but a less extreme version of it.. i need to power through for sometime.

    Thanks again for the support. Reading this thread over the past few hrs helped!
    May 132
    • 6sense uehdnnen
      Not sure if this would help - but I’d see your GP for a b-12 shot and recommending supplements in the interim. That and your favorite exercise may help you make it to the therapist appointment in relative peace.
      May 13
    • Intel FUIntel
      Okay.. worth checking that out. I’m anyways due for a yearly check up. Thanks.
      May 13
  • Synopsys notflagged
    Blind is therapeutic...what is the reason for nervous breakdown?
    May 130
  • Oath Julie31F
    Try searching on Palo Alto medial foundation. Tons of Indians. What happened?
    May 130
  • Bose sockerfan
    Blind is actually a good community when it comes to seeking help . Lots of good people and it’s all anonymous . Tell us what’s wrong and maybe we can help ! Feel free to dm me with your issues . I’m indian btw
    May 130
  • Oracle HeSheMe
    Watch porn or masturbate
    May 130
  • Intel / EngCoryP
    If you are stuck with an appointment weeks from now, you can also do what other people do - take a "mental health day". Use PTO

    And book a day at the spa or drop in to a yoga/meditation class. Don't stay home in bed.

    This might be difficult if you have kids/family.
    May 130
  • Chase onlypjay
    Just remember whatever it maybe, you can get over it, and may look back stronger than before ...
    May 130
  • Verizon Media sxSG85
    Zocdoc in Bay Area should give you the results for many indian therapists who are familiar with Indian family dynamics and conflicts.
    May 130

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