Therapist that uses insurance

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Jan 10

Aetna is willing to cover my currently out-of-network therapist if she joins the Aetna network. I asked what the benefit is for the therapist and they said new leads. My therapist said it’s a lot of paperwork to join the health insurance network and can’t do it now. To what extent is that true? What’s the process for a healthcare professional to join a new insurance network?


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  • OpenTable Meliodas
    Fill out lots of paperwork, agree to get paid at a lower rate, then wait for process and approval.
    Jan 100
  • Facebook iuggbhug
    $200/hr FML
    Jan 160
  • Salesforce lozere
    If you find a therapist who works for you, pay their full rate. It's so hard to find that. You make enough money I'm sure to afford it.
    Jan 160
  • Databricks Gjmxea
    There is little to gain, but loads of pain for therapists or anyone to be in network for an insurer. Think of it this way: provider is used to getting $140 for a 60 minute session paid each session. Going in network means submitting claims for clients, all to get $73 from insurer and $25 copay from you for the same 60 minute session, spending at least 10 more minutes to handle claims.
    Jan 100

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