This shadow banning sucks you guys at Blind

Sep 17 10 Comments

What did i miss for the 3 days Blind banned my company domain from the platform?

*grabs tub of popcorn and a bucket of beer*


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  • Roku cruella
    Ur company posting nudes???!
    Sep 17 0
  • Pandora x0kjF
    Let's see

    1. TC threads
    2. Prestige polls
    3. Political trolling
    4. "What did I miss?" threads
    Sep 17 1
    • Oath Atinlay2
      You forgot:

      5. How do I do this adult thing that everyone else learned in home economics?
      6. Which car should I buy? Also includes: my TC is 500k, should I buy a Tesla?
      7. I hate my spouse, what should I do? Also includes:: How should make my wife....? (I’m too big of a wimp to talk to her)
      Sep 18
  • Roku wIOA47
    Why did they ban your company domain?
    Sep 17 3
    • OP
      No clue, just keep getting an error that the ‘this domain has been restricted from blind’
      Sep 17
    • New mLDS69
      Did it fix by itself after a few days?
      Sep 17
    • Google / Eng
      “No clue, just keep getting an error that the ‘this domain has been restricted from blind’”

      That’s not shadow banning. Shadow banning is when the site or service slowly cuts you off without you ever realizing that you are silently getting banned.

      You can still post but, slowly, more and more people will NOT see your posts. So it’ll take you a few weeks to realize nobody is responding to your posts anymore.

      You never get a notice that you’ve been banned. It will simply be like you just slowly turned into a “shadow”.
      Sep 18
  • Davey leetRabbit
    I think you have created a custom email domain which blind doesn't recognize
    Sep 17 1
    • OP
      Sounds funny since my company has been operational for quite a few years.
      Sep 18
  • Microsoft orki
    Which company is this :)
    Sep 17 0