This should rile everyone up: Candace

Salesforce cold brew
Feb 11 17 Comments


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  • New / Other nonaflax
    Isn't this the person that was rationalizing Hitler a bit ago? Lol
    Feb 11 12
    • New KjwR81
      Thanks nonaflex and Sengupta for those concise replies. I hope someone learned from them
      Feb 11
    • Tableau heavenish
      @trumpwins, please give us your idea on why Hitler was like American socialists. I've been wondering for a while why this keeps getting repeated in conservative circles. As people post up above, Hitler actively try to subvert communists, socialists, unions, gay people, Jews, and liberals. He happened to use that name in his party but his actual practices were not the same as socialists.
      Feb 11
    • New / Other nonaflax
      @heavenish that likely won't happen, partially becuase the tone of this thread is standoffish (as it always becomes). For a slightly comprehensive answer I encourage anyone to check out this article, which has sources.

      Edit: extra source in case snopes is considered liberal propaganda:
      Feb 11
    • Tableau heavenish
      Good link
      Feb 11
    • Microsoft TrumpWins
      Let’s review:

      -Social justice: “Because it seems inseparable from the social idea and we do not believe that there could ever exist a state with lasting inner health if it is not built on internal social justice, and so we have joined forces with this knowledge.”

      -Open antisemitism from democratic socialist flagbearers like AOC, Ilhan Omar, Linda Sarsour, and Rashida Tlaib is now common

      -Anti capitalist attitudes and disdain for the wealthy elite as parasitic unless they are in lockstep with national interests in a state-directed economy

      -Policing of speech by social media companies and the stealing of liberty through this “Green New Deal”: "every activity and every need of every individual will be regulated by the collectivity represented by the party"

      Democratic socialists are oblivious of the fact they’re becoming echoes of past totalitarians
      Feb 11
  • Amazon Sengupta
    My political opinions aside, the bar for being considered a conservative intellectual nowadays is ridiculously low.
    Feb 11 0
  • Credit Karma EllisDee25
    Yawn, the black middle class chastising the black working class and poor... how brave of her to pick up where Bill Cosby left off.
    Feb 11 2
    • Salesforce cold brew
      Or, maybe she’s on to something.
      Feb 11
    • Credit Karma EllisDee25
      Something old and tired. Really, learn more about black history in the US.
      Feb 12