Those with married with kids, how often do you have sex?

Snapchat skein fusi
Mar 9 9 Comments

What changed before and after kids?



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TOP 9 Comments
  • Facebook / DataCurryFever
    >1/day? Wtf
    Mar 91
  • Oracle / Mgmtmlabc
    Whoever says 2-3 times per week or more in frequency are having sex with neighbors wives 🤣🤣
    Mar 92
    • Amazon Username*
      Mar 9
    • Amazon burnt_0ut
      My wife gets frisky when I’ve been away on business or worked log hours. Our record is 10 days straight in terms of frequency (after kids). Our worst drought is > 1 year (right after our kiddo was born). Some weeks my wife wants to go at it most days in a week, and other times she wants to be left alone.
      Mar 9
  • Bank of America pOlF30
    This poll result is a pure BS..
    Mar 90
  • Y’all be scaring people about marriage. But then I guess in many cases both parties are so busy/tired that they’re unbothered by the low frequency?
    Mar 90
  • New New •
    Are you keeping a running count? I see one such poll every few weeks.
    Mar 90
  • Kemper King Ruby
    Mar 90

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