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Mar 4 11 Comments

I have been living in San Francisco for the past year now. I must say, it sucks. I don’t like the no-nightlife scene. You can’t walk around at night without the fear of encountering homeless men. It’s hard to find women to date, limited events, and the list goes on.

On the other hand, I really like NYC. Been there a few times and enjoyed every second of it.

Would you move from SF to NYC? If not, why?

TC: 180k
YOE: 2


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TOP 11 Comments
  • Square / EngFaux
    Move to NYC!

    For all the reasons you already listed but most importantly because your TC won’t dip and your happiness meter will be way higher when it’s not cold and snowing.
    Mar 41
    • Amazon / EngjNeo42
      Actually cold and snowing can be fun in NYC. At least for a while.
      Mar 10
  • Two Sigma sigsigsig
    If you’re going to spend your youth enriching billionaires might as well do it in a more interesting city
    Mar 40
  • Uber qgiQ78
    Don’t think about it for more than a minute. I moved to New York last year after four years in the Bay and my only regret is not doing it sooner.
    Mar 42
    • Amazon idbslw
      Could you please elaborate on this? What do you like about NYC over the Bay?
      Mar 27
    • Uber qgiQ78
      Much better social and dating scene, very diverse population, always things to do, and an emerging tech center without being overwhelmed by tech conversations everywhere. What specifically are you looking for?

      My team’s hiring if you’d be interested. Happy to chat over DM about that or in general.
      Mar 28
  • Facebook zuccc
    Move to NYC, so much better than SF and a way bigger diversity of people
    Mar 40
  • Uber L4eng.
    I don't see any reason not to move if you aren't happy here. NYC is awesome.
    Mar 40
  • New / Engsparked
    Love NYC looking to move back ASAP. SF sucks I refuse to interview for any jobs there
    Mar 40
  • Cisco cust24577
    Yeah please gtfo
    Mar 40
  • Salesforce / Engfunnyballs
    I’m a New Yorker who travels the world a lot but rarely travels within the US. Well I went to SF actually kind of excited to experience it and....Wow. Why the fuck do people decide to live there? It is the LAMEST place. I’m not even comparing it to New York I’m comparing it to similarly-sized towns in Europe. But compared to NYC? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    P.S. one thing to consider though is if you stay with Salesforce and are An engineer then New York tower is crap. All salespeople, office floor plan looks like a call center.
    Mar 50

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