Thoughts on Niantic post Google?

Indeed dkcndjzo
Jan 2 6 Comments

Wondering if anyone had worked there / know much about culture and wlb as well as tc compared to other local places. (Seattle area)


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  • Apple / Eng

    Apple Eng

    Got to the on-site stage but failed. They asked LC hard and I got a very good vibe but it was not to be 🙁
    Jan 3 0
  • Microsoft / Eng hdajchk
    I had interviewed with them recently , LC hard level questions , solved them but still no offer,
    Small office in Bellevue, were planning to move to bigger office
    Jan 2 0
  • Indeed dkcndjzo
    Indeed is pretty great for a lot of things. Growth stagnates at higher levels, TC decaying over time because they cling to LTIPs as a benefit

    Passed on-site at Niantic, have a one last call with a director level which I assume means unless my personality doesn't click I'll be negotiating an offer soon, so trying to get a read before I give up a good stable thing
    Jan 3 1
    • Qualcomm / Eng dynasty001
      I have a recruiter call scheduled with Niantic in 3 months from now. Shall i focus mostly on LC hard and mid? Niantic/google tagged on LC? What areas do you recommend to put much effort on? I asssume the std like graphs/trees:backtracking/recursion/dp... but do inneed more focus on strings/linkedlist/arrays etc. ? Any tips for your studdy methoids will help me. I am abt 60 LC now mostly mediums and 20 easies. Thank you
      Jan 4
  • Apple hJdJ14
    How’s Indeed?
    Jan 2 0
  • Indeed dkcndjzo
    What about them piqued your interest?
    Jan 2 0

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