Time off after leaving Akamai

Akamai Technologies xJGl81
May 10 2 Comments

Akamai offers unlimited time off which is great while you work there. But when you leave you technically don't have any vacation time accrued to take any paid time off before your next job. How have people dealt with this? Just take some unpaid time off or what?


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  • Amazon Redux
    take time off, come back, after 2-3 days band in your two week.
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  • Nvidia ECTT56
    Uh yes.. hopefully you can stay afloat for a month or so without getting a paycheck. It's very healthy to take at least a few weeks off before starting a new face-to-keyboard fire-hose-to-the-face new job thing.

    Prior to starting at the new company you have the most leverage and power to configure things that you may ever have, so take advantage of it.
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