Time to Respond for Offer

Jun 11 8 Comments

I am in the matching phase with a big bay area tech company. I received a verbal offer today from a smaller company, and they want a response in a week. The BigCo recruiter said it’s standard to give a candidate 2 weeks to decide on an offer. Is this true?


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  • PayPal x ploy ted
    A week is perfectly reasonable.
    Jun 11 6
    • Amazon bezos,Jeff
      There’s no unspoken standard. Some places will give exploding offers. Some hold for several weeks
      Jun 11
    • A week is standard, 2 weeks is reasonable if you have a good excuse (in the middle of another interview, going on a vacation and won’t be on email, whatever), 3 weeks I think would be a pretty big stretch, 4 weeks no way.
      Jun 11
    • OP
      Is there any distinction around whether the offer is written or verbal?
      Jun 12
    • PayPal x ploy ted
      A verbal offer is not an offer. Its not an offer until its in writing.
      Jun 12
    • Written offer starts the timer. That’s where you can get an extra week - by asking the recruiter to hold off a few days in having the paperwork generated.
      Jun 12
  • Bazaarvoice NxJB47
    Depends on the size of the company. Smaller companies are likely to be much more aggressive, and need to be. 3-5 days is often as much as you can get without jeopardizing the offer.
    Jun 12 0