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Mar 7 17 Comments

Where do I post my TC?


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TOP 17 Comments
  • New sparked
    Take a picture of your comp package and use it as your profile pic. It’s obviously more attractive
    Mar 70
  • Indeed CDwY37
    Just post your company badge and that’ll do it
    Mar 74
    • Apple hakunanaMa
      Indeed badge? Really?
      Mar 7
    • Indeed CDwY37
      Real nice Apple. Learn to read first.
      Mar 7
    • Apple hakunanaMa
      Indeed! Go get on to leetcode rather than blind
      Mar 7
    • Microsoft
      wyba qnbab


      Google, Amazon
      wyba qnbabmore
      I’ve interviewed at both places. Apple isn’t that much better than indeed
      Mar 8
  • Microsoft Edgey
    Be sure to exclude those worthless RSUs
    Mar 71
  • Google / EngBluths
    Your TC is too low for the kind of women who go after rich guys.
    Mar 70
  • Tinder paradigm1
    Thanks for the feature suggestion
    Mar 81
    • Salesforce tensorchic
      As unpopular as this is now, I can tell it'll be a very commonly used feature.
      Mar 8
  • Universal Orlando 8675309k
    Please post TC so we laugh and swipe.
    Mar 70
  • LinkedIn tendies
    Rofl posting your TC on tinder as a software engineer. Just lol. Chad works at McDonald's and gets more superlikes then the likes you get in a lifetime.
    Mar 101
  • Visa FoffBoy
    just snap it to them next to ur d
    Mar 80
  • Cisco / QACyberDemon
    post a pic of your W2 on your profile.
    Mar 80
  • Salesforce tensorchic
    Mar 70

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