Tipping with Uber / UberEats

OpenDoor wakee
Jun 4 14 Comments




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  • Google / Eng
    चाचा चौधरी

    Google Eng

    चौधरीकोइँन H Y P E
    चाचा चौधरीmore
    I don't believe in tips. Companies should pay fair wage and not make customers guilty to pick up their slack. Now before someone starts questioning my morality, I have worked minimum wage (7.5/hr) cleaning dorms, doing student laundry and washing restaurant dishes. I vastly prefer dignified wage than customer's pity.
    Jun 5 0
  • Reddit orlyyy
    The thought of an engineer tipping is hilarious
    Jun 4 0
  • Amazon LAxL08
    I only tip when I can expense it. Ain’t my money 🍌
    Jun 5 0
  • Amazon new_ew
    Uber eats now adds a service charge which is not optional
    Jun 4 0
  • Microsoft / Eng Dev Hero
    I dont get it. Shouldnt the drivers be tipping me for ordering? Then Id order a lot more often.
    Jun 5 0
  • American Express D.BCooper
    I tip $ 3 or 5 depending on the length of the Uber ride. I give ubereats bad weather tips.

    I am road tripping all of New Mexico in a week right now and someone delivered in a severe thunderstorm so I tipped $10.
    Jun 5 0
  • Amgen / Finance

    Amgen Finance

    The Walt Disney Company
    Why do I tip? They know where I live...they know where I sleep.
    Jun 4 0
  • New / Eng QTdN03
    I used to tip UberEATS every time, which is 2 or 3 times a week. Now the cost is so high that I don’t tip. In fact, I pretty much don’t use UberEATS anymore.
    Jun 4 2
    • OpenDoor wakee
      Which service is cheaper?
      Jun 4
    • New / Eng QTdN03
      Amazon Restaurants is the best and cheapest, but I moved out of their service area, so I just drive. I get a little more human interaction this way too.
      Jun 4
  • Oracle OlJs40
    I tip in cash so they don't have to pay taxes.
    Jun 21 0
  • ThoughtSpot Googleplex
    Why tip someone for a job I'm capable of doing myself? I can deliver food, I can drive an Uber, I can and do cut my own hair. I did, however, tip my urologist. Because I am unable to pulverize my own kidney stones.
    Jun 11 0
  • Google wHtB0a
    They net waiter level wages, which is to say shit. So I tend to tip.

    It also helps that I use my Wageworks benefits so it's a step removed from my wallet.
    Jun 4 0
  • GoodRx BobAxelrod
    Always tip, but you don't have to tip at one of the suggested values.
    Jun 4 0