Tips: Managing SWE job and a child

Microsoft sushue
Mar 7 4 Comments

Thinking of starting a family. Neither mine nor my partner's parents would be able to help out. How difficult is to manage an SWE job and being a parent in this situation?


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  • New Oompa
    It will be tough, put if you have the will, you can push thru. Your time need to be flexible. Since you don’t have helps, I guess you would put your child to daycare early. And that means your child gonna get sick and expose to germs. Your child wont sleeping straight at night, so meaning that you and your husband have to stay awake many nights to monitor your child.

    Im an SWE, and luckily I have the option to work completely from home. That helps a lot. Some time I would stay awake all night coding, and monitor my son when he got sick, so my wife can sleep. Then i would sleep a bit when she wakes up in the morning.

    With a baby, you are constantly moving. If Im not coding, and then I play with my son or making food for him. The concept of “me time” is 100% vanished. Since my son was born, 3yrs ago, me and my wife only go to cinema once to watch The Arrival. And she didnt even like it lol.

    Be prepare mentally and physically. Its a wild ride, that bring out a lot of emotions in you. But it is also fun and rewarding. Good luck!
    Mar 70
  • New


    You’ll have to pick one or the other.
    Mar 120
  • Akamai Technologies cplusplus7
    Also note gonna be very hard to find time for leetcoding
    Mar 70
  • Microsoft gdsjed
    It’s fine. Many SWEs do it. Just understand your lifestyle will change.
    Mar 70

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