Tips for Facebook TPM interview

Oracle 22gg556
Mar 26 8 Comments

I have a TPM interview coming up at FB next week. I am a hands in Product Manager with over 10+ YOE.

I did well in the telephone interview which was pretty technical and detailed (45 mins).

I'd appreciate any tips for acing the TPM technical program mgr interview.



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  • Nothing I have ever read about “acing” FB interviews ever had any bearing on the actual experience or outcome. Same for Google, for that matter.

    Know your resume cold.

    Understand how to use the STAR method (which includes knowing how to recognize a behavioral question that doesn’t start with “tell me a time when...”). Also means be concise and don’t ramble.

    Finally, relax. Your answers will be better and your actual personality will come through (instead of a jittery/flattering/defensive version of yourself).

    Note that some people can immediately recognize and dislike canned answers so ultra-prep might not work in your favor.

    If you think of the interview instead as a conversation with a colleague who wants to learn from/about you, that might help.
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  • Facebook hrwsbmufd
    If you’re interviewing for specific team, research the relevant backend systems on FB blogs and think of scaling issues and nuances specific to that product in terms of caching, geo distribution,scaling, redundancy etc. Ask probing questions to narrow down the scope of the issue before diving deep into the solution. Listen to the feedback when interviewer is trying to steer you in a different direction. Also focus on cross functional experiences in addition to regular behavioral questions.
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  • Oracle 22gg556
    Yeah.. I am a kid out of the block.
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  • Oath / Mgmt Atlnlay
    You have 18+ yoe and don’t know?
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  • Intuit gmj
    How was your phone interview OP? Was it technical or focused more on your experience. What about program management questions?
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  • Samsung / Project CxMv51
    Looking for any helpful guidance for upcoming FB TPM onsite interview as well. I know there are 2 system design, and 3 behavioral. If any awesome blinders can shed some light on system design loop, it would be very helpful.
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  • Oracle 22gg556
    I do have all the info. I am just looking for additional gotchas to watch out from blinders based on previous experience
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  • Slalom Consulting / Consultant jfbr56
    Did they send you list of interviews you will have onsite?
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