Tired of waiting for H1B Transfer approval

Dec 21, 2018

H1b transfer filed in Sep 2018( Regular Processing)

TC: 250, YoE: 10

Company B is willing to wait till approval, but I'm loosing interest and do not seem to hold the same excitement.

Sick and tired of checking the transfer case status daily on USCIS website... Its nearing 100 days now.

Not sure WAC processing center is even looking at any applications??

Instead of dragging stuff, It is better to conclude faster with a Yes or No.


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  • Nvidia FbIntrvw
    Wait what? PG&E IT pays 250k for a 10 yr exp? No wonder my electricity bills are so up
    Dec 21, 20181
    • General Mills / DataBettyCoder
      Probably still getting grants in Enron stock 😁
      Dec 22, 2018
  • New monomo
    Upgrade to premium in February. H1b is close to modern slavery. Your future lies in some motherfucker's dumbfuck mind.
    Dec 21, 20180
  • PayPal squarecash
    On the same boat - I’m gonna have some faith in god move on receipt. Already 2 months since filling
    Dec 21, 20180
  • Microsoft / Engbaniabudhi
    Let's see how government shutdown impacts it.
    Dec 21, 20180
  • New / EngTesla4
    I am still waiting for mine
    Jan 43
    • eBay bduwil
      When was it filed?
      Jan 4
    • New / EngTesla4
      Beginning of oct. what’s ur status?
      Jan 4
    • eBay bduwil
      Beginning of Nov
      Jan 4
  • eBay egavyq
    trackitt is showing some approved application filed in sept and its for CA
    Jan 142
  • New daring
    Go back to your country.
    Dec 21, 20182
      Which countfy r u from... Seem to be fool or looser 😁
      Dec 23, 2018
    • Qualcomm NotInQ
      He works in a company called New? Must be getting $35k gross per year. Salty!!!
      Dec 28, 2018
  • Qualcomm rvKC23
    My cousin got approval from Vermont center in just 6 weeks , now I am hopeful for California as well
    Jan 51
    • PayPal sgskagbej
      Lol never gonna happen brah! Waiting since last 12 weeks already
      Jan 5
  • Synopsys iLikePussy
    Come here to India and wait with us. It's good, it's rainy season here
    Dec 21, 20181
      Ok wat next??
      Dec 23, 2018
  • New / EngTesla4
    That is good news
    Jan 140
  • eBay gdsrg
    Op, any updates?
    Jan 30
  • New / Eng4g5g
    I am in same boat. It is frustrating.
    Dec 21, 20180
  • New begin
    Wait until Feb and file premium.
    Dec 21, 20180

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