Top 10 MBA + MS in CS = high paying PM??

Northrop Grumman HowCouldYu
Aug 24 67 Comments

is it worth all the time/school?



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  • Facebook / Eng SweFB
    MBAs are a dime a dozen. My PMM has a Stanford MBA. Yawn.
    Aug 24 30
    • Google / Eng
      PM and PMM are two different roles. We are talking about PMMs.
      Aug 25
    • LinkedIn ex-fb
      I meant both the roles. It takes more skill to be a SWE than a PM/PMM.

      If PMMs and swe swap their jobs, many SWEs will at least be mediocre PMMs while almost all PMMS (who aren’t former SWEs) will probably be fired on day 1.
      Aug 25
    • Google / Eng
      SWE -> PM happens a lot so I agree.

      But SWE -> PMM might be tougher because they are more different. I think you underestimate how much charisma and looks matter when you are trying to storytell not just to the market, but to the product team as well (selling how you want to sell, if that makes sense).

      Most SWEs I’ve met are not really blessed with good looks and charisma so they may also struggle as much as a PMM would struggle when swapping roles.

      I’m not saying one is better than the other. They are just two different roles with less overlap than SWE and PM.
      Aug 25
    • Samsung statarb
      It’s a whole different ball game not suitable for code 🐒. Until you do the job, you underestimate what it takes to succeed. Put your head down, take orders, code and maximize your TC. If you don’t like it, start your own company.
      Aug 25
    • Adobe / R&D Spidey™🕸️
      Jobs was a marketing guy while Wozniak was the genius. But to think that Apple would be where it is today without either of them is bit of a stretch.

      Soft kills are just as important as hard skills. Doesn't matter which one is easier or harder. There are countless examples where companies failed because they didn't have a great business model to go with their "genius" tech and vice versa.

      So just hug each other out. We are all in this world for a very short amount of time. Show some love and embrace eachother.
      Aug 25
  • Microsoft Inglorius
    #1 - Mba is a waste of time and $
    #2 - No one needs a PM
    Aug 24 17
  • Google yourtcsux
    I know PMs from respectable (Top 20) programs here also with a Masters and I make more than them with 3 yoe as a SWE.

    If it’s a Top 3 MBA it might be a different story due to the networking possibility. But if you don’t bring any existing network to the table yourself you might not be able to grow yours effectively.
    Aug 24 11
    • Facebook depression
      Dumpster slut. Your mom didn’t tell you?
      Aug 24
    • Amazon vbjimg
      what is their tc and how did you know?
      Aug 24
    • Facebook Fucerbergg
      Capital one is trash tier company
      Aug 25
    • Northrop Grumman HowCouldYu
      Which hedge fund,
      Aug 25
    • LinkedIn ex-fb
      Network from mba is over over hyped. How many ppl are you in touch with from grad school?
      Aug 25
  • Adobe / R&D Spidey™🕸️
    No. Full-stop.
    Aug 24 1
  • Facebook easzss
    Not worth it. PMs at FANG are not paid more due to the degree they have. The degree/network might help them get the interview however.

    Source: My 5.0 GPA EECS BS/MS MIT degree isn't making me anymore than other SWEs at FB. It wasn't like I was given extra sign-on at goog or FB.
    Aug 25 0
  • eBay e3ay
    PM at FANG is high paying
    Aug 25 1
    • Amazon kobain
      This seems to be the case at Amazon AFAIK.
      Aug 25
  • Wells Fargo seeyeeyeo
    Is PM or PMM high paying at FAANG? Where I come from, PMM knows nothing about technology and PM rules
    Aug 25 0